a new way to conference.


The Daydream

We have a big daydream for The Daydream Conference but we are starting here: one day, over 25 pro speakers who’ve made their daydreams come true, and a powerful group of 200 attendees who’re ready to positively impact the world and learn how to start/keep going. Click below or keep scrolling to learn more.



full day of daydreaming

We’re daydreaming up one full day of programming. Don’t worry though. We’ll have energy boosters and breaks to keep you awake and daydreaming through the experience.




Over 25 speakers and motivators will be sharing gems and sharing space with you. We’re making sure these are all professional daydreamers and align with our goals to not only inspire you, but also have you walking away feeling equipped to take on the world one daydream at a time.




Imagine… being in a room with a couple hundred other people (a large group but not too large) who share common interests, are invested in themselves, and have dope daydreams just like you. It’s inevitably going to be a vibe.


The Details

We know, we know… you’re excited and so are we! As we get closer to the date, we’ll be rolling out more information on the conference on our website, newsletter, and socials. Click the button below and visit often to see what details we’ve announced so far!

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The Programming

Our overarching, bigger picture daydream includes a lot of unique programming but we’re opening that jar up once we give our conference more life. Our one day conference will include an array of aspects that ultimately bridge culture and community, aspiring and experienced, cool and conscious, business and personal, and more! Read more about the experience below.



We will be featuring five diverse panel conversations and one keynote conversation. We are determined to reimagine the way panels are conducted and make sure it’s not your basic “stay positive”, “believe in yourself” advice. We’re jumping right into it and keeping it real.


We love 1-on-1 opportunities. So we’re curating that for you. We’ll be inviting a group of diverse industry pros who’ll be excited to hear you out and help you. This will be an “add-on” option to your conference ticket, so a limited amount of these sessions will be available.


One of our priorities is creating an intimate environment where you can really connect with others and vibe. That being said, we’re going to have a small, intentionally curated marketplace where you can discover and support some really cool brands. Be ready to shop a bit!


Passionate about you leaving our conference equipped with the tools to get started/keep going, we’ve been thinking of creative ways to provide you resources beyond the panel conversations and mentorship sessions. Look out for an action kit and resource library!

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The Daydream Conference is for anyone (of any background and aspiration) who can’t stop daydreaming about their goals, seeks to be surrounded by like-minded individuals in a cool, creative environment, and wants to learn from people who have been there, done that.


Get Involved

You ever see something new and think, “Wow, I can’t believe something like this hadn’t been done already.” Well, that’s The Daydream Conference for you. The start of something new is an exciting time because it’s your golden opportunity to invest in it early. So if you want to be that A1-Day 1… see below on how to get involved or click below to contact us directly.



Are you a forward-thinking, early-adopting brand that likes to help others daydream? We’d love to hear from you!


This daydream is big, so we will obv need help bringing it to life! If you’d like to help us out, click below.


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