The reimagined conference is pretty awesome. It made learning fun, networking less stuffy, and each reimagined conference has developed its own community. These days, conferences can be so cool that you could even compare some of them to a festival!

We want to create a conference just as cool as that - with one exception… actually a few. We want to create an ego-less, all are welcome experience that (day)dreamers of all backgrounds and aspirations not only walk away inspired from but also walk away with valuable resources. We want to create a conference that features a truly diverse lineup of panel conversation topics and speakers. We want to create a conference where you’ll find a rapper, music executive, tech developer, angel investor, fashion designer, community organizer, activist, immigrant, gamer, side-hustler, business owner, mental health enthusiast, aspiring beauty influencer, college student, etc. all in the same room.

So that’s what we’re doing. And then some.

Oh! And why “The Daydream”? Well, because we want to normalize the concept of daydreaming. It helps with manifestation and it encourages you to turn those dreams of yours into reality. To add, the best part about daydreaming is that you’re awake in your dreams - which is exactly what we’re here to help you do.